2021-22 WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines (CONDENSED) WSET

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Starting January 2021 - May 2022

The market-leading WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines qualification provides expert level knowledge and develops key analytical skills for success in the global wine business. Perfect for both the trade professional and the serious enthusiast, the course will arm you with specialist-level skills and experience, plus international recognition as an expert in the field of wine.

IWEG has been offering Diploma studies for longer than any institute outside of the WSET School in London, which means we enjoy a long history of student success. Our current pass rate for the most rigorous component, "Wines of the World", is 22 percent higher than the global average pass rate for this unit of study.

Our passionate and highly qualified Diploma educators, who have gone through teacher training and come from different fields within the trade, provide on-going support to help you master the analytical tasting skills and supplemental theoretical knowledge necessary to succeed.

Holders of the Diploma will be able to identify characteristics of the principal wines of the world, make informed assessments of a product's quality and value, and identify appropriate opportunities for the products within a given market. 

Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to underpin the job requirements in such roles as Food & Beverage Manager, Wine Buyer or Sales Executive.

The Diploma fulfills the prerequisite for the wine qualification requirement for entry to the Master of Wine (MW) program.

This is a rewarding, demanding and challenging program. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in all activities, accessing all of the study tools provided to facilitate success. This level of the program requires significant independent study as well as classroom work. Students should be prepared to dedicate substantial amounts of study time, and as much tasting of wine as possible, to successfully complete the course.

On completion of this qualification, a candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the factors affecting the production of wine and how these factors influence style, quality and commercial value in a variety of market sectors.

  • Display an understanding of the trade and legal structures of the identified wine and spirit producing regions.

  • Demonstrate specialist product knowledge of wines and spirits and apply that knowledge to make commercial decisions.

  • Through the use of the Level 4 WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Technique, identify the style, quality and commercial value of wine.

  • Produce accurate tasting notes for a range of wines

  • Understand the commercial and economic importance of wine in global and local markets.

  • Demonstrate an ability to make informed decisions based on in-depth understanding of the global business of wine.

  • Present information in a format that meets business requirements.

If you are interested in the WSET Diploma program and would like to learn more, we would be happy answer your questions. Please email Krystenne MacMullin (krystenne@iweg.org).

Course Delivery and Tuition

WSET Diploma in Wine (CONDENSED) will be a very intensive delivery format. It is STRONGLY ADVISED that you do all reading before the class begins.

WSET Diploma in Wine (CONDENSED) Schedule*

*schedule subject to change

D1: Wine Production                    

Wednesday January 6, 2021        D1 - 1    The Growing Environment

Wednesday January 13, 2021      D1 - 2    Grape Growing Options

Wednesday January 20, 2021      D1 - 3    Common Winemaking Options

Wednesday January 27, 2021      D1 - 4    White Wine Making

Wednesday February 3, 2021      D1 - 5    Red and Rose Making

Final Exam - Wednesday March 10, 2021 - 1:30pm-3pm 


D2: Global Business of Wine           

Wednesday February 10, 2021    D2 - 1    Factors that Contribute to Wine Price

Wednesday February 17, 2021    D2 - 2    Business Engaged in Wine Production

Wednesday February 24, 2021    D2 - 3    Key Considerations in Wine Marketing

Final Exam - Wednesday March 10, 2021 - 11:30am-12:30pm       


D4: Sparkling Wine                        

Wednesday March 17, 2021         D4 - 1    Traditional Method Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Wednesday March 24, 2021         D4 - 2    Rose and Other

Wednesday March 31, 2021         D4 - 3    Tank Ancestrale Pet Nat

Final Exam - Tuesday June 8, 2021 - 1:30pm-3pm              


D5: Fortified Wine                         

Wednesday April 7, 2021               D5 - 1 Fortification/Maturation Options (Tasting) & Sherry Production and Styles

Wednesday April 14, 2021            D5 – 2 Ruby and Vintage Port Production

Wednesday April 21, 2021            D5 - 3 White and Tawny Port Production & Madeira

Wednesday April 28, 2021            D5 – 4 VDN and Rutherglen Muscat & Fortified Business Workshop

Final Exam - Tuesday June 8, 2021 - 3:30-5pm     


D3: Wines of the World               

Mondays, September 2021-May 2022      Final Exam - 2 days mid May 2022            


D6: Research Paper       

Due July 29, 2022              


This qualification has a minimum requirement of 500 hours of study time, including 128 hours of classroom delivery time. The prerequisite for this course is WSET Level 3 in Wine.
Tuition is exempt from HST. Payment can be made all at once ($9,200) or 12 recurring payments of $790. If you would prefer a payment option, please email krystenne@iweg.org.
With more than 170 WSET Diploma graduates, IWEG alumni play important leadership roles in the Ontario wine & spirits industry.
Our Diploma programme is different because of our passionate and professional educators dedicated to providing our students with a first-class learning experiences and dynamic class environments that maximize students' success in this challenging, yet exciting and rewarding programme.
       ..."thank you for your guidance and support offered over the course of my D3 studies.  I felt incredibly well served by the level of professionalism and instruction experienced over the challenging schedule.Thanks again for all of your efforts." CW

" ...With various courses leading up to the Diploma, WSET has, along with the Master of Wine, one of the best known wine qualifications in the world. The MW may be seen as the Rolls-Royce of wine qualifications but the WSET Diploma is the Bentley - less elitest and exclusive, mre accessible and, yup, more fun really."  Ian Harris CEO WSET

"WSET rocks! The best place to start (and continue) your professional appreciation of wine." - Tim Atkin MW


Please Note:  Students are registered into the study schedule as a class and are expected to complete their studies and assignments as scheduled.  Any change in the curriculum will result in additional fees. Please be sure to discuss any changes with the IWEG Diploma Coordinators.

Policy on changing your exam/assessment  date to an alternative date.

Please note IWEG's policy on changing your exam/assessment date:

When you register for a WSET course, you are booked to take your exam/assessment on a specific date. This date is indicated in your course schedule. You can view this before registering, and when you register, you will be reminded. This policy also applies to registration for resit exams.

If you decide not to write your exam or assessment on the date you are registered for, this is what you must know:

·  For WSET Levels 1 to 3 and WSG courses, you have to ask to change the date at least 15 daysbefore the exam/assessment date, by writing to atheunissen@iweg.org.

·  For WSET Level 4 Diploma you have to ask to change the date at least 75 days before the exam/assessment date, by writing to krystenne@iweg.org.

·  You must pick a new exam/assessment date within 12 months from the start of your current course.

·  You may change your exam/assessment date a maximum of two times during the 12 months. You can choose from any exam/assessment/re-sit dates listed on the course page of the IWEG website. It is possible that your first choice may not work, if the exam is full.

· Each time you change your exam/assessment date, there is a $150 fee.

· After the 12-month period, from the start of your current course, if you still need to sit the exam, you will be charged an exam “re-sit” fee, which varies depending on the course, as well as the $150 fee.

·  The only exception to this policy is in case of a valid and verified personal or family emergency, subject to approval from WSET and WSG.

Available Classes:

2021-2022 WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines Starts Jan. 06, 2021

Cost: $9,200
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