Master Classes

Excellence of NW Sparkling Dec. 08, 2016

Cost: $95
IWEG Drinks Academy - Downtown
211 Yonge St., Ste. 501, Toronto, ON M5B 1M4

Celebrate the holidays with IWEG! as we take a close look into Traditional Method Sparkling from renowned New World wineries Thursday December 8th, @7pm.

Champagne is the most famous and revered Sparkling in the wine world but it might surprise you to know that many Sparklings produced outside of Champagne can be equivalent or even surpass the quality and finesse of this recognized region.

This Signature Series seminar will address a premium flight of wines, comparing a number of aspects including; regions, grape varietals, viticulture etc...

The second interest for the evening is Sparkling's versatilty and impressive ability to pair with a great variety of foods.  One traditional pairing being oysters, and John Petcoff from Oyster Boy will be joining us to address this pairing of perfection.

Educational and fun, a night not to be missed.  


Please note that this class is already underway.

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