Alexandre Craig 2013


Alexandre Craig is an established gastronomical specialist in all regards; he's spent half his career as a professional fine-dining chef and the other half as a sommelier and restaurant manager.  He's competed in and won Chef/Sommelier competitions, is an active and respected member of his wine club (L'Académie des Vins de l'Outaouais), and is a beacon of wine education to all those around him, who feed off his enthusiasm and passion.

He's currently freelancing as a wine consultant and educator, and will be teaching WSET Level 2 in French and WSET Level 3 in English in Ottawa.  He's also working on an online wine education platform, to help fellow students in wine find information with greater ease.

He's had a few TV appearances already, both in French (TVA) and English (CTV).  He hopes to continue to gain exposure, and would like to further himself as a wine educator and brand ambassador.  He plans on undertaking the rigorous Master of Wine certification course in September 2014.

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