Cameron Avestan 2008


The history of wine throughout various civilisations and of making of Wine (i.e., vinification) has been one of my fascinations ever since I discovered the vineyards and the wine culture in my trips to Europe. I had always wanted to one day study the art and science of wine and increase my appreciation for it by learning more about it.

The WSET and their Canadian Chapter IWEG in Toronto provided that opportunity. Through hard work for six unit studies, tasting papers, essay papers and final exams I met wonderful people and wine enthusiasts alike.

I am working in the Information Systems business and I think the wine knowledge that I have gained keeps my sanity in the I.T. world.

Obtaining my diploma of wine was a journey that was both fun and challenging. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to take his/her interest in wine to a professional level of knowledge.

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