Igor Vasylevskyy 2014


Being a professional in Information Technologies (Certified System Engineer and Database Developer) Igor never thought that his passion, which is wine, could become his other profession. Wine came into his life as a part of food culture. When he enjoyed premium wines he often asked himself: “What do grape-growers and winemakers experience when they create this masterpiece? Also, if wine is a reflection of its place of origin, why do some wines say more than others about place?” He wanted to learn as much as possible about wine. He read everything he could and tasted wines from different regions and styles. Later he decided to get professional education in the wine industry by completing the WSET Diploma.

Wine has fascinated Igor so much that he has decided to completely change his career. Igor is now a Product Consultant for the LCBO where he shares his professional knowledge and passion with other people and helps them to discover the world of wine – something he really enjoys doing!

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