Natale Lofaro 2006


It was a wine trip to California that convinced Natale to leave his career as a Business Analyst at the Bank of Canada and to work in the wine business. He is very passionate about wine and food (his favourite hobby). Since 1998, Natale has worked as a product consultant with the LCBO. Besides working at the LCBO, Natale teaches wine classes at Algonquin College (also since 1998) and is a former Director of the National Capital Sommelier Guild. Natale’s wine education background includes:

The Sommelier Certificate from Algonquin College The Grape and Wine Industry certificate from the University of Guelph Certificates from Napa Valley College in Viticulture, Winemaking and Wine Marketing The Level 4 Diploma from the WSET

In 2006 Natale was awarded the Brian Kirkwood Memorial Award!

Natale’s favourite red is California Zinfandel – a glass of California sunshine, and his favourite white is German Riesling – unrivalled purity of flavour.

Wine Tip: Vita vinum est is what the ancient Romans said - wine is life, life is wine. To me that means wine is part of the everyday enjoyment of life. Wine is also a matter of personal preference, there is no right or wrong, no one region superior to all others, and wine should be bought because it tastes good to you, not because the wine press gave it a high score.

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