Ron Murphy 1988

Every other week we would meet at the offices of my employer at the time, UNITED DISTILLERS, and plow our way through the course material under the stewardship of recently arrived Diploma Grad Lydia Schaverien.The class, as I recall, consisted of Gerry Ayling, Tony Hirons, Claudius Fehr, John Tait, Geraldine Rubino, Steven Trenholme, Steven Cohen, and Charles Jewitt (I’m missing 2 or 3 folks I’m sure).

I was pleased to receive some weeks after our final exam the attached Diploma, Tie and Lapel pin announcing my acceptance into the WSET diploma fraternity. Doubly please to be part of the first class in Canada.


I live and work in Halifax these days, still in the Wine Trade as President of my own Import Company, but look back fondly on those times and the people I met and grew into wine with.

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