Dr. Jiaming Wang

“Wine is a chemical buffer solution containing more than 1000 different volatile compounds at pH around 3.” Yes, that’s Jiaming’s simplistic definition of wine. And of course, Wine has to be part of Jiaming’s life. His journey started in China where he did his undergraduate study in Viticulture and Oenology. He then moved to Australia and obtained a PhD degree in Wine Chemistry in The University of Adelaide. After finishing his PhD study, he worked as a flavour scientist in California for E&J Gallo Winery, which is one of the largest wine corporations in the world. He was a post doctoral researcher in oenology at Brock University and now he works at Labstat where he is doing a lot of flavour R&D work on tobacco products and according to him, the aroma in wine is much more complex than in cigarettes.
Jiaming has completed WSET Level 3, and now he is a WSET Diploma candidate. Being in Australia and California before, Jiaming has deep understanding on regions like Barossa and Napa. With his strong chemistry background, Jiaming would like to share his logical, scientific but also interesting approach to wine appreciation with people, in Mandarin and English.
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