Signature Series

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“IWEG’s signature series offers a superb opportunity to dive deeply into specific areas, illustrated by top quality wines. They should be part of everyone’s ongoing education." - John Szabo Dip WSET, MS @johnszabo
The Signature Series brings you innovative seminars throughout the academic year that highlight current and relevant subject matter with a unique educational edge. Designed to engage our alumni, students and consumers these seminars are an excellent platform to continue learning, develop tasting skills and to network with fellow industry.

Malbec World Day Celebration on Tuesday, April 16th @ 7PM - 9PM: On the Eve of Malbec World Day, join Wines of Argentina and Christopher Waters, DipWSET for a celebration of Argentina's iconic varietal. Though originally from Southwest France, this red varietal is better suited to Argentine soil than any other. In Argentina Malbec found ideal environmental conditions for its development and gave origin to exceptional wines. Argentina is known as the producer of the finest Malbec Wines.

California Zinfandel on Wednesday, May 15th @ 7PM - 9PM: Find out why Zinfandel reigns supreme in the eyes of many. Led by Eugene Mlynczyk, MW. Presented by the California Wine Institute.

California Pinot Noir on Thursday, September 26th @ 7PM - 9PM: Discover the super quality and breadth of styles of California Pinot Noir. Led by Eugene Mlynczyk, MW. Presented by the California Wine Institute.