Water of Life - IWEG News May. 13, 2021

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Celebrate the Water of Life

On May 15th, World Whisky Day brings people across the globe together to celebrate the water of life. There are many ways you can take part in World Whisky Day 2021:

First of all, you can join the conversation on social media using #WorldWhiskyDay. What kind of whisky are you sampling? Who are you sharing it with this year? How do you enjoy your whisky – on the rocks, with water, or with a mixer? The possibilities are endless!

There's also the World Whisky Weekender – a ticketed, interactive event series that will bring whisky lovers worldwide together. 

And over here at IWEG, sign up for the online Certificate in Scotch Whisky!

Exploring the fascinating world of whisky across eight modules, this fun and accessible SQA (The Scottish Qualifications Authority)-certified online course will enhance your appreciation of all things aqua vitae.

Working through a series of interactive exercises, videos and pop quizzes, you’ll discover more about the history and business of Scotch before covering the entire production process, from raw materials to distillation, maturation and bottling. The flexible, self-paced format allows you to learn in your own time and, with quizzes at the end of each module, you can measure all the knowledge you’re distilling as you go.

As well as a certificate of completion, you’ll come away knowing so much more about the golden liquor in your glass. Whether you consider yourself a whisky connoisseur or are simply curious to learn more, you’ll certainly get something out of our award-winning material and industry expertise.

Spring 2021 Courses

Blended Learning

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines - starting soon!
Date: Tuesdays, June 15th - August 3rd @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm
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Date: Saturdays, July 3rd - August 21st @ 10:30am - 12:30pm
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Spanish Wine Scholar
Date: Thursdays, September 23rd - November 25th @ 6:30pm - 8pm
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Online Learning
IWEG offers online WSET courses through WSET’s Online Classroom, which allows you to study alongside your peers under the guidance of a dedicated educator. A minimum number of hours of study per week is recommended (which varies depending on the course) to successfully complete each course and regular participation is essential.

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines 
Date: Monday, May 31st - Sunday, June 27th
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Date: Monday, June 7th - Sunday, July 4th
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Date: Monday, June 21st - Sunday, July 18th
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Date: Monday, June 28th - Sunday, July 25th
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WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits 
Date: Monday, June 7th - Sunday, July 4th
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WSET Level 1 Award in Sake
Date: Monday, June 28th - Sunday, July 25th
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WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
Date: Monday, May 24th - Sunday, June 27th
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Date: Monday, June 7th - Sunday, July 11th
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Date: Monday, June 21st - Sunday, July 25th
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WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits
Date: Monday, June 21st - Sunday, August 1st
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WSET Level 3 Award in Wines
Date: Monday, June 28th - Sunday, August 29th
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Date: Monday, July 12th - Sunday, September 12th
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WSET Level 3 Award in Spirits
Date: Monday, June 7th - Sunday, August 8th
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All WSET textbooks and study guides will be in an eBook format.

Certificate in Irish Whiskey - 
Eight modules at your own self-directed pace
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Certificate in Scotch Whisky - NEW!
Eight modules at your own self-directed pace
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Discover the wines of Germany, one bottle at a time!


Each month, in collaboration with Wines of Germany, we will present a featured wine of the month that is available through the LCBO. Purchase the featured wine and practice your tasting skills for a chance to win a Wines of Germany prize package!

This month's wine is the Anselmann Edesheimer Rosengarten Siegerrebe Spätlese 2019 (LCBO#: 910554), made with Siegerrebe, a pink-skinned white-wine grape created in Rheinhessen in 1929 from a crossing of Gewürztraminer and Madeleine Angevine. Dare to try it! 

Wines of Germany would like to thank all participants in the challenge this year.
Purchase the Anselmann Edesheimer Rosengarten Siegerrebe Spätlese 2019.

Here’s how to participate:
1. Purchase Anselmann Edesheimer Rosengarten Siegerrebe Spätlese 2019 at the LCBO.
2. Take a picture of the wine and write a short tasting note on the wine.
3. If you are on social media, post your photo and tasting note and tag IWEG and Wines of Germany Canada on any or all of these social media platforms:
Facebook: @germanwinecanada and @IWEGDrinksAcademy
Instagram: @germanwinecanada and @iweg_canada
Twitter: @germanwineca and @IWEG_Canada
4.Send your photo, tasting note, copy of LCBO receipt and contact and mailing details by email to IWEG at marketing@iweg.org.
The name and submitted photo and tasting note of the winner will be published in the IWEG newsletter by June 10.

The April winner is Shagun! Here is her tasting note for Kendermanns Organic Trocken Rosé 2019 (LCBO#:17752):

Medium salmon
Nose - Clean
           Medium+ intensity 
            Primary aromas of fresh red fruit like strawberries and raspberries. Citrus like lime, orange  peel. Floral notes like orange blossom. 
Wet stone minerality.
Palate - Dry
               Medium+ acidity
               Medium alcohol
               Light body
Same notes on the palate of fresh red strawberries and raspberries, citrus fruit like lime and orange peel. Orange blossom florality. 
Medium (-) finish and good quality. 
Drink now!

Contest details:
From January to June, we will present a featured wine of the month for IWEG students that is available through the LCBO retail network.

Each month a winner will be selected to receive a Wines of Germany prize package that includes a $50 LCBO Gift card redeemable on German wine and Wines of Germany swag.

The selected winner will be contacted by IWEG to confirm mailing details.

Effort will be made to select wines that are readily available in LCBO stores and online to allow time for wine pick up or delivery.



May 27th is International Chardonnay Day, a day devoted to one of the most well-loved varieties in Ontario! Open up a bottle of your favourite VQA Chardonnay and share on social media as Chardonnay lovers both local and worldwide come together to celebrate this fantastic grape. Watch for exciting updates on Instagram at @WineCountryOnt and @coolchardonnay over the coming week on how you can get involved.

How to Become a Wine Writer

Article prepared for WSET by Sophie Otton DipWSET - Wine Writer / Sommelier / Consultant.

When I tell people I’m a wine writer, they usually smile broadly, imagining no doubt that I glamorously eat and drink my way around the world. While I’ll admit to some choice assignments over the years, the reality is generally quite different. The truth is you spend most of your time alone at your computer, and it’s no way to get rich.

There are, however, other aspects of the job that I find immensely satisfying. The wine itself is the obvious one. It represents so many things to me. The contents of the bottle reach out, to time, to place, to people, to food, to culture, to conviviality and hospitality. To be engaged with this special life force, to connect through my senses, and know others connect with it in the same way, this is the reason I like wine. Read the full article here.


Sign up for a GuildSomm membership

GuildSomm is an international non-profit organization that promotes education and community for wine professionals and aficionados. GuildSomm members have access to an enormous archive of wine study materials, an up-to-date Compendium of wine law (also available as an app), discussion forums to connect with other members worldwide, a job board, and much more. You can see a list of additional member benefits here.

We recommend GuildSomm to any of our students who want to continue their wine education and stay current on wine news. Students of IWEG are invited to register for a year of GuildSomm membership at a reduced rate of $79 USD, using the partner code IWEG79.  All first-time GuildSomm members are eligible to sign up using this code. Sign up for a discounted Guildsomm membership.