Wines of Portugal Academy (ViniPortugal)

Portugal has a wealth of local grape varieties, which produce wines in a range of styles. The multitude of wine-growing regions has been undergoing a series of changes over the past decades, and there has been an overall increase in the quality of the wines produced. Vineyard restructuring and new wineries fully equipped with the most modern equipment: destemmers and crushers, cooling systems, different types of cap management ( including robotic lagares) have launched Portugal and its winemakers into the twenty-first century with the potential for world recognition. ViniPortugal brings you the Wines of Portugal Academy, Certified Training Program at IWEG Drinks Academy (Initiation and Intermediate Levels). Students successful in the course will receive a Certificate from Wines of Portugal Academy. Explore the history, taste a variety of wine styles, and further your knowledge of the native grape varietals of this great winemaking region.

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Wines Of Portugal Academy Intermediate Level Certification ViniPortugal

Screen_shot_2017-02-22_at_4.56.09_pm The Wines of Portugal Academy Intermediate Certificate will be offered by IWEG in Toronto in April 2020. This 6-hour course is created by ViniPortugal. You will:  discover the 10 most important native grape varietals  understand winemaking techniques tour the unique...
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